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Video Repertoire Exam preparation

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Video Repertoire Exam preparation

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Repertoire exams are different from the preparation for a traditional exam. Consult the Repertoire exam information in the Subjects section of our website to be sure how many pieces are required in a Repertoire format exam for your grade, subject and instrument.

  1. Understand the requirements for a Repertoire exam as the number of pieces can vary from a comprehensive exam.
  2. Shop for your grade books and other resources at the AMEB (NSW) online shop. If you haven't shopped with us before you just need to join AMEB Connect to shop.
  3. Regular practice will help ensure a good result.
  4. Talk to your teacher about whether you will need accompaniment for your exam after reading the note below.
  5. Only enrol when you are close to being performance ready.

Piano Video Repertoire Exams

We understand that candidates have been working and preparing for Old Syllabus Piano exams and that in a usual face-to-face exam you can only use NEW syllabus pieces for any Repertoire examination. However, please be advised that any candidate enrolling for a Piano Video Repertoire Exam may use OLD or NEW pieces for their video exam.


It is acknowledged that working with an accompanist is an essential skill to the developing musician. We do recognise, however, that the ability to meet with an accompanist for either rehearsals or an exam recording is becoming increasingly difficult. If this is not achievable, candidates have some alternatives available.
AMEB has produced a selection of recorded accompaniments available for purchase from the AMEB Online Shop.

If no AMEB recorded accompaniment is available for your instrument and grade, the AMEB is permitting an alternative for 2021 only. Candidates may use a recording provided by their accompanist. It is recommended that all candidates speak with their accompanist about this in advance and discuss Intellectual Property, copyright, and appropriate remuneration.

AMEB is working with APRA AMCOS to produce a licence to ensure that Recorded Accompaniments made for examining purposes are legal and pay royalties to any copyright owners entitled to receive them. In the meantime accompanists should proceed with making such recordings with confidence. The licence produced will cover an accompanist making a recording and giving or selling it to a candidate to use for their AMEB exam, and the candidate would need to ensure that they follow these rules: 

  • you cannot use the recording to perform in public, or upload to a public YouTube site. Please make sure all YouTube videos are set to 'unlisted' or 'private'
  • the accompaniment must be an audio recording
  • the recordings cannot be sold commercially – so you cannot put it on the internet and sell multiple copies

The licence will cover individual arrangements for specific pieces for a specific exam. It will not cover mass production, selling the recordings online or other such activities. AMEB will take responsibility for collecting required information, reporting and making any necessary payments to APRA AMCOS.

Tip: Ask your accompanist to record an appropriate tuning note on a separate track so that you can tune precisely to their instrument.

When to record the Video Repertoire Exam recording?

The Video Repertoire Exam recording must be recorded no earlier than three (3) weeks prior to enrolment and no later than three (3) weeks after enrolment. The recording must be one continuous take with no coaching or editing.






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